Water Polo Ball

Anti Water Polo Ball


DESCRIPTION:The Anti Wave Polo Balls are durable, non-slip, and highly visible in all lights.SPECIFICATIONS:▪️ Designed for standard competition and designed for grip, visibility, and durability.▪️ Available in 2 sizes: Men (Green) and Junior (Red)..

FINIS Women's Water Polo Ball


DESCRIPTION:The Water Polo Ball is a regulation-size ball ideal for workouts and competitions. Made with a high-quality textured grip so players can skillfully handle the ball with ease.The Water Polo Ball uses a proprietary construction to hold its ..

Mikasa W6009W Women Water Polo Ball / FINA Official Game Ball for Women


DESCRIPTION:Mikasa wave design once again set a new standard for water polo ball innovation. FINA branded this beauty with the FINA stamp of approval and began playing with it in 2009. Since 1980 Mikasa has been the official water polo ball of choice..

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